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    If you’ve not yet heard, in France, the new SNCF TGV East train has broken the world speed record, reaching a top speed of 357mph on April 3, 2007!

    This accomplishment is monumental for the SNCF and the rail community and will have a positive impact on all who wish to travel east from Paris.


    Train {JPEG}

    Beginning on June 10, 2007, travelers to France can take TGV East and be whisked through scenic French country side to their destinations at nearly 200mph. Traveling at such speeds will significantly reduce travel times, allowing visitors to spend more time exploring their surroundings. Plus, with an increase in train frequency, if travelers should miss their high-speed connection, another will be along soon enough!

    Those interested in discovering the regions of Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Alsace should consider hopping aboard TGV East in France, it will get you to your arrival city faster and with less hassle than taking a plane. This train will also provide travelers the unique experience of watching the beautiful landscape pass before them, something missed if flying or driving.

    Taking a trip, in France, on TGV East is more than just a train ride, it’s an experience.

    - Every 1st class seat has its own electric power outlet and seat cushions are broader and more comfortable
    - 1st class travelers have possibility of booking a taxi through the conductor
    - On board information messages recorded in French, German and English as well as trilingual staff.
    - Completely Non-Smoking cars. Smoking is not allowed.

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