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    This is Sweden – where the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

    When one thinks of Sweden, invariably, attention falls to meatballs and do-it-yourself furnishings.

    While this Scandinavian country does make a tasty, tender round and features streamlined design, there is much more to see and taste. Malmö is home to incredible art galleries and progressive design. Capital Stockholm hands out prizes for peace and is known for its socially equality. In Northern Lapland, the Sami peoples still herd reindeer for sustenance.

    Areas: 449,964 km²
    Capital: Stockholm
    Population: 9,127,058
    Density: 20 /km²
    Currency:Swedish krona / SEK
    Language: Swedish
    Border with: Denmark | Finland | Norway

    With the Eurail National Pass, you get:
    - Unlimited travel on the national rail network of Sweden.
    - 8 days unlimited train travel within a 1-month period.
    - Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively.

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