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  • 10 reasons for Seniors to travel by train in Europe

    1 - See Europe on widescreen
    With large windows and everything you need on board, simply reserve your seat, sit back, relax and enjoy Europe’s unique scenery while sipping a glass of your favourite beverage.

    2 - Travel in comfort
    You won’t feel cramped because the seats on European trains are spacious. You are free to move around the carriage or you can just sit back and relax. On some trains you will be able to enjoy the seatback video and entertainment facilities.

    3 - Dine in style
    You can chose to dine in style in the dining car, have a snack or enjoy a drink in the bar. Many trains also offer a food service at your seat. Alternatively, you can take your own food on board for the journey.

    4 - A helping hand
    Most trains have a wide range of on board amenities including telephones, seat reservation services and toilets. When you need a helping hand, just ask the train conductor:

    5 - Do what you want
    Everyone loves the flexibility of rail’s unlimited stopovers, choice of routes and departure times. It gives you the freedom to stay longer, move on or revisit a place you like.

    6 - Make the most of your budget
    There are a range of saver passes and special offers to suit almost every budget. If you go with friends you can really save by travelling as a group.

    7 - Travel overnight
    Try a luxury sleeper or a more affordable couchette on long overnight train journeys. You’ll save on a night’s accommodation and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for the next day.

    8 - Scenic trains
    To truly experience the beauty of Europe, ask your travel agent about the special train journeys with spectacular scenery in picturesque countries such as Switzerland and Norway.

    9 - Convenience… all year round
    On the train you can forget about the hassle of traffic jams or weather delays. No matter what time of the year you visit Europe, trains operate 365 days of the year come rain, hail or snow.

    10 - Arrive in the heart of the city
    Most stations are located in the heart of Europe’s cities and offer a range of services including restaurants, gift shops, foreign exchange, telephones, post office, book stores, seating reservations and information

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