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Rail Europe e-ticketing products

  • You can find here the conditions specific to e-ticket products (Ticket On Departure, Print@Home, PDF confirmation), as well as useful information on how to retrieve it once in the country you will travel in.

    Valid until further notice (subject to change)

    With the Ticket On Departure system (also known as TOD), travellers can retrieve their tickets directly at the train station, up to 30 minutes before the train departure.
    What are the advantages of the TOD tickets?
    - You don’t need to send them their tickets prior to their departure to Europe/the USA
    - They don’t need to worry about losing your tickets

    To make your life easier, we produced handy user guides which provide details on how to use the different types of self-service machines. You can easily download and print them from here.

    Please note that TOD is for the moment only offered on Eurostar and on all trains departing from France (domestic and international trains such as Thalys, TGV Lyria etc.).

    I. Ticket collection

    - When travelling with tickets issued as TOD you will need to print your actual tickets from a self-service machine at the station before you board the train. You just need to enter the PNR indicated on the pro-forma invoice and, in some cases, your name.
    - Eurostar tickets can be printed from self-service machines in London St Pancras, Brussels Midi or Paris Nord station.
    - Tickets for all French domestic routes and international routes departing from France can be printed from any of 1,400 self-service machines in stations across the French SNCF rail network. Click here to check the self-service machines available in France.
    - How to do in case of multiple-legs journeys?
    - Tickets for all French domestic services (TGV, Teoz, Lunea, etc.) and all international services departing from France (Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria etc.) can be issued as TOD and collected from the French self service machines
    - For journeys including a Eurostar segment followed by a French segment, in that order, travellers will need to use Eurostar machines to collect their Eurostar ticket and SNCF machines in France to print their French tickets
    - Caution: Make sure, when you book TOD tickets, that you will be able to retrieve them at a station. It will for instance not be possible for you to retrieve TOD tickets if your trip starts in Germany of in Italy.

    II. TOD (Ticket on Departure)

    - TOD service is not available for all train services. Train services offering TOD are the following:

    TOD available forTickets can be collected in
    All domestic French Journeystickets can be collected in France only
    Artesiatickets can be collected in France only
    TGV Geneva – Medtickets can be collected in France only
    EurostarAny Eurostar station: Paris Nord, Brussels Midi, London St Pancras, Ashford, Ebbsfleet
    Thalystickets can be collected in France only
    Paris–Germanytickets can be collected in France only
    TGV Lyriatickets can be collected in France only
    Elipsostickets can be collected in France only
    TGV Brussels–Francetickets can be collected in France only
    All UK trainsAny station in the UK equipped with a ticket vending machine, click here
    All Amtrak trainsAny station in the US equipped with a Quick-track machine

    TOD eligibility: to be able to make a “TOD booking”, ALL products in the booking must be “TOD eligible”. For example, you cannot make a TOD booking with a pass + a French journey. As indicated above, "TOD eligible" products are French Journeys, Eurostar, Thalys and Lyria as well as UK trains and Amtrak.
    - Individual passenger assignment is required.
    - To retrieve their tickets/passes, you will need to enter in the self service machine a unique code, the "PNR", identifying their ticket. This code is indicated on the booking summary / email of confirmation.
    - On French journeys, you are also requested to enter in the machine your family name as entered when the booking has been done.

    III. TOD (Ticket on Departure) Eurostar

    A user guide details you all the steps to collect Eurostar tickets, click here

    IV. TOD (Ticket on Departure) SNCF

    A user guide details you all the steps to collect French rail tickets, click here

    V. TOD (Ticket on Departure) UK trains

    Tickets can be collected in the main UK stations. To know more about click here

    To check which station is equipped of booking office or Ticket Vending Machines to collect the tickets click here.

    VI. TOD (Ticket on Departure) Amtrak

    Amtrak tickets are printable on Quick Track machines available in the main US stations.
    To know more about click here

    VI. Exchange/Refund

    - Exchange and Refund can only be performed before Train Departure Date if no ticket/pass has been issued; thereafter no refund is allowed.
    - Exchange and Refund Policies vary depending on the type of fare purchased.
    - When exchange/refund is possible, penalty fees may apply for some fares. Please refer to specific Product Fare Sheet for all details.
    - Refund for unused tickets can only be performed by the Issuing Office.
    - The request must be received within the time frame allowed for a refund.
    - Exchanges can be done locally at the Kiosk Machine or at a ticket window and maybe subject to a small fee: Only exchanges for the same fare can be performed up to 1 day prior to the train departure.
    - Exchanges through the Issuing Office: a new ticket must be purchased and the unused ticket will be refunded. Fares are subject to change depending on availability at the time of the exchange.

    VI. Additional Information

    - We recommend that you arrive at the station at least 20 minutes prior to your train departure to ensure you have plenty of time to print your tickets and find your train.
    - Remember to take the PNR code as you will need this confirmation code to collect your tickets/passes.
    - Print out the email of confirmation with all info you will need to bring with you at the station.
    - If a station does not have a ticket kiosk, or the kiosk is out of order, you need to proceed to the ticket counter with the confirmation number.
    - There is no issuance fee when collecting tickets/passes with the PNR number at the station.

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