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Prague Excursion Pass
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  • This is the best deal for Czeching out Prague!

    Explore Prague and the Czech Republic at your own pace with a rail pass from RailEurope.
    Explore the wonderful architectural beauty of this city and learn more of its rich cultural and historical heritage. Prague Excursion pass provides one roundtrip from any Czech border to Prague within 7 days.


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    You get:
    - One roundtrip from any Czech border to Prague on the Czech National Railways. (The return trip from Prague does not have to be to the same Czech border.)
    - Stops in the Czech Republic are allowed along the way to and from Prague, but must be completed in a calendar day.
    - Travel may be done consecutively or non-consecutively.

    - Inbound and outbound journeys must be completed within 7 days.
    - Trip cannot originate from Prague to a border.
    - Available only in conjunction with another product.
    - The 7pm rule does not apply to this pass.

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