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Germany Poland Pass
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  • Enjoy the rail systems of two spectacular countries, Germany and Poland, with one great pass.

    Get a Germany-Poland rail pass for your next German/Polish vacation and enjoy all the benefits of traveling by train.

    Travelers agree that the German rail system is the best way to explore Germany. With this pass, travel on the high-speed ICE trains that whisk you to your destination in little time. Travel on entire German rail network, while watching scenic German landscape pass by en-route to the next stop.


    Train {JPEG}

    Travel to Poland via Berlin-Warsaw Express (at a special pass holder rate) and experience traveling by train in Poland. With access to the entire rail network of Poland, go where you want to go!

    This pass makes visiting Germany and Poland easier than before. There is no need to worry about additional supplements for border crossings and taking the train is less hassle then renting a car and driving (no need to translate road signs and pay for fuel).

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