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German (DB) Night Trains
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    Travel to your destination from Germany and arrive refreshed and renewed when you take a DB Night Train (also known as DB Nachtzug).

    Taking a night train gives you the freedom to spend the day sightseeing, shopping and museum hopping, making the most of your time in Europe. Then simply board the train in the evening for a relaxing journey to your arrival city.


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    On a DB Night Train you can easily travel between Munich and Copenhagen, Berlin or Hamburg. Services between Cologne and Prague as well as Copenhagen and Cologne are also available.

    Traveling at an average speed of 200km/h, you will have no trouble catching some zzz’s on-board a DB Night Train as its cushioned axles allow you to sleep soundly, dreaming of your next adventure!

    Travel Times:
    - Copenhagen - Munich: 14 hours
    - Prague - Cologne: 12 hours
    - Cologne - Copenhagen: 11 hours 30 minutes
    - Berlin - Munich: 8 hours 26 minutes

    - Sleepers: Each car features a washbasin and toiletry articles (soap, towels).
    - Single: 1 berth cabin
    - T2: 2 berth cabin
    - T3: 3 berth cabin
    - T6: 6 berth cabin

    On Board Services:
    - Sleepers: Breakfast, Safety features include punch-card key. Intercom in the compartment with direct connection to the service staff and optical and acoustic wake-up.
    - Wake-up call service is available for sleeper and couchette customers.
    - Hot and Cold meals along with drinks are available on board.
    - Air- Conditioned Cars
    - As of September 1, 2007 all service is non-smoking.

    Check-in Procedures:
    - No check-in procedures before boarding the German (DB) Night trains. Ticket control and passport checks are done aboard the train.

    Reservations are mandatory.
    - Fares include the price of the ticket and the reservation. The fare category name indicates the reservation type included with that fare.

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