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France Rail Pass
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  • This is a nation to see in its entirety.

    France conjures up images of rolling vineyards, fine food and cheese and incomparable art.

    Why settle for Paris alone when you can bike the Loire Valley, ski the Alps, or sashay along the South of France sand? Watch the landscape change from your glass window and relax by the train’s subtle chugging as it transports you through the magic of France.

    With the France Rail Pass, you’ll receive 3 days of unlimited train travel in a 1-month period. You can choose 1st class (Right Bank sophistication) or 2nd class (Left Bank bohemian).

      This product is available in :
    • France

    Train {JPEG}

    You get:
    - Unlimited train travel on the national rail network of France.
    - 3 days of unlimited train travel within a 1 month period.
    - Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively.
    - Special travel bonuses

    - Purchase up to 6 extra days of train travel.

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