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    Each day, nearly 22,000 travelers step on board a Eurostar train, making it the busiest train in Europe!

    More than a decade ago, Eurostar changed the way people traveled between London, Paris and Brussels forever. Eurostar has doubled the amount of visitors traveling from London to both Paris and Brussels-carrying over 75 million travelers. In fact, Eurostar carries more passengers than all of the airlines combined on both routes out of London. Europeans wouldn’t dream of traveling any other way across the Channel!


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    Did You Know?
    - World Travel Awards: Eurostar has been voted World’s Leading Rail Service Winner every year since 1998
    - Eurostar has set the standard for international rail travel. It runs on various track clearances and is powered by three different electrical systems. This includes overhead wires in Belgium and France and a third rail in Britain
    - The fastest London-Paris Eurostar journey time is 2 hours 35 minutes and London-Brussels in just 2 hours 15 minutes
    - From November 14th 2007 Eurotar will move to a new station, reducing journey times by 20 minutes. London to Paris will be 2hrs 15 mins and London to Brussels will be only 1hour 51minutes. Great Britain’s 1st highspeed line(HS1) will open on November 14th 2007, becoming Eurostar’s 1st decicated tracks in the UK
    - The journey times make Eurostar ideal for a unique daytrip
    - Eurostar runs up to 16 services to Paris and nine to Brussels daily
    - Each train has 18 cars —The configuration between Business Premier and Leisure Select changes depending on whether the train is designated business or leisure service.
    - Why not explore Belgium? All Eurostar tickets to / from Brussels are valid for travel to / from any Belgian station at no extra cost.
    - There are direct daily services from Waterloo and Ashford to the gates of Disneyland® Resort Paris.

    The total seating capacity on each train is:
    - 766 seats
    - Business Premier & Leisure Select are situated between Cars 7-12
    - Standard Class cars are 1-5 & 14-18
    - Bar Cars are 6 & 13

    On 30 July 2003, Eurostar broke the UK rail speed record reaching 208.0 miles per hour on the new UK high-speed line.

    With this kind of service, there’s no longer a need to hustle through airports, find cabs and get to your destination. Count on Eurostar to get you there — quickly and comfortably.

    Why Travel Eurostar?
    No train (and very few other modes of transportation, for that matter) can match Eurostar’s standards for quality of service. Eurostar provides you with anything you need to make your trip a relaxing journey and get you ready to make the most of your destination when you arrive in the heart of the city. Within half an hour, you’ve checked in. In just over two and half hours, you’re in another country. And despite this unique service having been around for over a decade, the novelty still hasn’t worn off. See for yourself!

    Eurostar Check In
    Eurostar terminals are located downtown and are well connected by public transport and taxi services. Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your train departure time. Check in closes twenty minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. You will check-in through the automated gates if your ticket has a magnetic stripe on the back. If it doesn’t, you’ll present your non-magnetic ticket to a member of Eurostar staff at one of the check-in booths. To ensure total comfort and security during the journey, all Eurostar passengers must follow an airport style boarding process, passing through security and passport control before arriving in the departure lounge. For travelers with large baggage there are readily available trolley carts and a porterage service.

    Eurostar Terminals
    While waiting to board you will be able to enjoy the departure lounge amenities including bars, cafes, shops, restrooms and international currency exchange facilities. Eurostar Terminals have internet access via hotspots-payment via credit cards or vouchers purchased at the terminal. Train departure times and track numbers appear on the airport style boarding screens and announcements are also made in English about fifteen minutes prior to departure.

    Eurostar is Reinventing the Art of Travel To coincide with the launch of Britain’s first high speed track, Eurostar is transfering operations from Waterloo International to its new, permanent home in central London, St Pancras International Eurostar will launch services from this new state of the art terminal on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 Built in 1868, St Pancras station has been restored over the last five years to its former architectural glory as a leading London landmark and the surrounding area transformed into a vibrant cultural quarter. From November 14, 2007 St Pancras International is destined to become one of the most exciting places in the city. The station will boast a wonderful array of shopping and dining experiences: a diverse range of stores and boutiques, a world-class Brasserie, a Gastro-pub, a Farmer’s Market, and Europe’s longest champagne bar (295 feet long).

    Welcome Aboard
    Eurostar staff members are ready to welcome you and are easily recognizable by their chic modern Eurostar uniforms created by the British designer Jacqueline de Baer. All attendants are specially hired and trained for catering to your every need on board. And everyone speaks fluent English. Each service has two train managers and travelers in the Leisure Select and Business Premier Cars will enjoy an on board team dedicated to each car. In Standard Class fully staffed buffet bars can be located in cars 6 and 13. You can easily store your bags in the racks in each car.

    Eurostar Seating
    Traveling on Business or Pleasure? Eurostar offers dedicated classes of service for every travel need and budget.

    Eurostar First Class
    The service is divided into cars dedicated to the special needs of the passenger traveling for work or pleasure. Business Premier is dedicated to the business traveler while Leisure Select is ideal for vacationers wanting to make their trip extra special.
    Business Premier includes:
    - In the Terminals
    Dedicated Business Ticket Desk and Check in Area
    Access to Le Salon (Eurostar Executive Lounges)
    Free internet access in Business Lounges
    - On Board
    Dedicated First Class cars for Business Travelers
    Spacious reclining seats with generous legroom. Each seat has either an individual slide out table, or a fixed table shared with adjacent passengers
    - UK/French lap top power sockets (US need international adaptor)
    - Complimentary Newspapers & Magazines

    High quality meals/refreshments served at the seat
    - Breakfast until 11:00am: choice of hot or cold continental breakfast
    - Express Breakfast Option (cold choice)
    - Lunch 11:00am - 2:00pm: three-course meal
    - Afternoon meal on the train departing between 2:00pm-4:30pm
    - Dinner from 4:30pm: three-course meal with a choice of two main dishes

    Leisure Select Includes:
    - On Board

    Dedicated First Class Cars for Leisure Travelers
    - Spacious reclining seats with generous legroom. Each seat has either an individual slide out table, or a fixed table shared with adjacent passengers
    - Complimentary Newspapers

    High quality meals/refreshments served at the seat
    - Breakfast until 11:00am: choice of hot or cold continental breakfast
    - Lunch 11:00am - 2:00pm: three-course meal
    - Afternoon meal on the train departing between 2:00pm - 4:30pm
    - Dinner from 4:30pm: three-course meal with a choice of two main dishes

    Standard Class Includes
    - On Board

    Comfortable seating
    - Fast serving ’Combo Snacks’ for sale from the bar buffet (Cars 6 & 13)
    - Onboard Dining

    Standard Class: On board buffet bars (Cars 6 &13) offer a large selection of hot and cold snacks & drinks.

    Business Premier & Leisure Select:
    - Travelers will be served a meal with a choice of dishes and refreshments at the comfort of their own seat. For special meal requests please download and fax the special meal request form at least 48 hours prior to travel.
    - All Eurostar special meal requests must now be submitted by fax or email to the number and email address.

    - There are no public telephones on board but most enabled international roaming cell phones work on board when outside the Channel Tunnel.

    No Smoking
    - All Eurostar trains and terminals are designated no smoking areas
    Family Travel
    - Baby Changing Facilities Cars 1 & 18 have dedicated facilities for the convenience of families traveling with young children and infants.
    - Disney Train The magic starts early for children traveling to Disneyland Paris on Eurostar’s dedicated daily service. An exciting kid’s pack is handed out at the Disney Express Counter in the terminals. The pack consists of a re-useable drawstring bag, 2 magazines, a pack of colored felt-tip pens and a game for lots of fun on board.

    Special Assistance
    - All Eurostar special meal requests must now be submitted by fax or email.
    - For convenience, terminals are equipped with elevators and moving walkways.
    - All Eurostar trains have dedicated areas for people traveling in wheelchairs, as well as special restrooms.
    - Eurostar now welcomes guide dogs on board its London-to-Paris and Brussels-to-Lille routes.

    - Baggage limits for Eurostar are two pieces per traveler. When traveling Eurostar bags don’t need to be checked in.
    - Just take it straight onto the train where there are overhead baggage racks and storage space at the end of each car.

    When you reserve Eurostar tickets with Rail Europe
    - you can continue the journey after you step off Eurostar, we have a wide selection of passes and tickets to enhance your pre/post Eurostar experience.
    - access to instant pricing with real time reservation, creating a convenient, trouble-free booking process.
    - view detailed station information for Eurostar state of the art departure and arrival stations.
    - you can take advantage of special deals offered to youth travelers and passholders on Eurostar.
    - avoid paying exorbitant credit card transaction fees for your Eurostar tickets.
    - no need to waste precious vacation time waiting on line at the station to get your ticket, with a few clicks and your seat on Eurostar is reserved!
    - receive your Eurostar tickets securely in the mail.
    - you can save money the earlier you books.
    - above all, should you have questions before, during or after you place your order, we’re here for you, ready to assist you every step of the way!

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