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Eurail documentation

  • When you buy a Eurail Pass, you are given a travel package, made of Eurail Pass Cover, Eurail Traveler’s Guide, Eurail Map and Eurail Timetable.

    Eurail Pass Cover and Travel report

    The pass cover.

    Besides holding the ticket, the Pass cover also contains the travel report. The Travel report is important to Eurail in order to understand the customers’ travel behavior and be able to fairly divide the revenues amongst the Eurail’s members.
    It is compulsory to fill in the Travel Report. Without the travel report the pass is not valid. It is important to return the completed report to Eurail GIE. You will receive a gift in return.
    In case you submit the report and do not receive a gift, please send a message to:
    Eurail souvenir
    P.O. Box 2112
    3500 GC Utrecht
    The Netherlands
    Email: souvenir@eurail.nl

    Eurail Traveler’s Guide

    This guide offers detailed product information such as the participating railroads, shipping lines, benefits and many useful tips for the traveler. The Traveler’s Guide is translated into 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

    Eurail Map

    The Eurail Map gives an overview of the major railway lines between all major European cities. It indicates the key high speed, main, primary and secondary railway lines as well as participating shipping routes. The map also gives sample travel times between selected key destinations, in order to give the customer a greater understanding of how long it can take to travel from one major city to another.
    In order to help travelers planning their trip, tables showing indicative reservation costs & surcharges on domestic and international trains have been added.

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