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Eurail National Pass
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  • The Eurail National Pass is a single country pass, perfect for exploring one European country in a shorter timeframe!

    Pick from our list of 15 exciting countries.

    - Autria Pass : Austria is often called the “gateway to Eastern Europe.” It’s a delightful mix of history and architecture, The Sound of Music and Mozart, Linzer tarts and cinnamon-sweet coffee. With this pass, visit all the great cities: Salzburg, Vienna and Linz, plus out of the way gems steeped in tradition.

    - Belgium Pass : The bordering countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are considered as “one country” for this Eurail National Pass. Each country has unique characteristics to offer and all major towns and cities, such as Amsterdam, the Hague, Brussels, Bruges, Antwerpen and Luxembourg city, are easily accessible by rail.

    - Croatia Pass : Attractively situated, Croatia acts as an intersection of routes from Europe’s west to east and from north to south, being the shortest connection of central Europe with the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, the city which is very interesting to tourists, from where one can take a journey to all parts of Croatia.

    - Denmark Pass : In Denmark you will find that the distances are short – and this makes it possible to combine all the atmosphere of buzzing city life with the relaxation of the beautiful Danish countryside.

    - Finland Pass : The fantastic scenery in the country of the thousand lakes, the Northern lights, the famous 20th-century architecture in its capital Helsinki and many other places of interest can now be visited while traveling on a Eurail Finland Pass.

    - Greece Pass : The history of the ancient Greek can be seen and admired best while being in Greece yourself. Not only Athens has very much to offer in these respect, but also cities like Thessaloniki and Larissa. The Eurail Greece Pass brings you there.

    - Netherland Pass : The Netherlands (often called Holland) may be a small country, but it has many things to offer. What about the famous windmills and the flowers, not to forget the well known Amsterdam canals to be admired. With its dense railway network most places can be easily reached by train and the Eurail Holland Pass will perfectly meet your needs.

    - Hungary Pass : Budapest is one of the 3 European capitals on the banks of the Danube river. As a matter of fact this river splits the city into Buda and Pest. Regardless from which direction you come, the photogenic city of Budapest can be easily reached by international train. While visiting Hungary with the Eurail Hungary Pass, please don’t forget to also go to the Lake Balaton, the warmest lake in Central Europe.

    - Ireland Pass : Irish Rail provides a modern, comfortable and frequent rail service to most parts of Ireland. With ten routes in all, the InterCity service serves major cities a number of times daily with catering services on many trains. Many Eurail tourists use Irish Rail to access many famous holiday locations e.g. the Lakes of Killarney and Connemara, and avail of the many rail bus connections offered by our sister company Bus Eireann.

    - Italy Pass : Explore Italy by Train - with the Eurail Italy Pass
    All the beautiful landscapes of Italy: the sweet hills of Tuscany, covered with vineyards, the stately Dolomiti mountains, the blues and the greens of the sea shores, the quiet countryside, the busy towns, all framed by the window will pass you by.

    Norway Pass : Say ’fjord’ and everyone will think of Norway! The stunning Norwegian landscape and cities such as Oslo and Bergen are within reach with the Eurail Norway Pass. But also smaller towns like Kristiansand and Lillehammer (the resort of the 1994 Olympic Games) are worth while visiting. Even the Artic Circle can be crossed by train!

    - Poland Pass : Poland is a large country offering a diversity of interesting places to visit. Traveling with a Eurail Poland Pass you should definitely visit Warsaw, but at the same time not forget to visit for example the famous Salt Cathedral in Wieliczka or the beautiful Mazurian Lake District.

    - Portugal Pass : Rail is the ideal way to discover Portugal, whether you want to escape to one of the small costal towns, or discover the big cities, such as Lisbon and Porto. Besides Suburban Trains operating in the cities of Lisbon and Porto, the Portuguese Railways offer modern, fast and comfortable long distance services.

    - Romania Pass :The monasteries of Romania and the lofty Carpathian Mountains deserve to be visited. The Eurail Romania Pass also offers you the possibility of visiting the region of Transylvania, the Dracula country, and meeting the locals when traveling by train.

    - Spain Pass : Spain has a very rich history, which is largely reflected not only in the various cities and villages, but also in its traditions and folklore. Paella and Flamenco can easily be called the best known ’export articles’ of Spain. If you adore the sun, you will also be charmed with Spain with its beautiful beaches. All this and much more can be seen while traveling with a Eurail Spain Pass.

    Sweden Pass : Sweden is Scandinavia’s largest country with huge forests and thousands of lakes. The Eurail Sweden Pass enables you to experience the midnight sun in Lappland, in the north of Sweden, Stockholm, the capital, which is built on no less than 14 islands, or Göteborg with its gorgeous sea-food and so on.

    Slovenia Pass : Travel around Slovenia by rail. Visit Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Travel from Ljubljana to Maribor in under two hours on the train with a Slovenia rail pass.

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