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    Cruise through the majestic Alps on board the Cisalpino.

    Covering Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, the Cisalpino is one of the world’s most modern trains. Start in Switzerland, head for Stuttgart then travel to couture-loving Milan. Reach your destination in comfort and quiet.


    Train {JPEG}

    Travel Times:
    - Florence - Milan: 2 hours 55 minutes
    - Venice - Milan: 2 hours 57 minutes
    - Zurich - Stuttgart: 3 hours 4 minutes
    - Milan - Zurich: 3 hours 38 minutes
    - Milan - Geneva: 3 hours 43 minutes
    - Milan - Basel: 4 hours 26 minutes

    - Bar/restaurant car: full meals and snacks are available. If required, snacks and drinks may also be served in seat compartments.
    - Extra services on board include drinks, newspapers and earphone plugs for music in first class.

    Car Seating:
    - The Cisalpino contains 475 seats in first and second class.
    - The seats are ergonomic with a table at every seat.
    - First class: 3 cars, 153 seats
    - Second class: 5 cars, 322 seats
    - 1 Bar/Restaurant Car

    Reservations are required on this train. The fare includes the cost of the ticket, but not the reservation. Reservation fees are additional. It is strongly recommended that you make your reservation when ordering your ticket.

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