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    Enjoy all the benefits of the BritRail England pass and take a British resident along at a special discounted price!

    See all of Jolly Ol’ with our BritRail England Guest Pass. Start in London and make your way to Manchester. Visit the home of four boys who changed music forever. Or set your sights on the Cliffs of Dover. This pass offers unlimited travel on the rail networks of England.


    Train {JPEG}

    You get:
    - Pass entitles the International traveler in 1st and 2nd class to be accompanied by a British resident at a discount.
    - Guest must provide proof of residency upon request. One voucher per pass only. The pass holder and guest’s names appear on the ticket’s “Control Voucher” following the main ticket.
    - Passes included: BritRail Consecutive Pass, BritRail FlexiPass, BritRail England Consecutive Pass, BritRail England FlexiPass, and BritRail London Plus Pass.

    - Please note that the “Party Pass,” the "Family Pass" and “Off Peak Passes” Promotions do not apply to this product.
    - Valid in 1st and 2nd Class.
    - Can be used for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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