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    The first railway line in Bulgaria that was entirely designed and built by Bulgarian engineers and designers, connecting Caribrod, Sofia and Vakarel, was opened on 1 August 1888. The first electrified track, between Sofia and Plovdiv was put into operation in 1963. The restoration of two steam locomotives, several coaches and wagons was planned for 2005. For special occasions, the railway network of Bulgaria uses retro rolling stock for entertainment, tourist and special travel purposes.

    The Greek Railway Company, OSE, covers 2,449 kilometres of track, connecting big cities and small towns within Greece and to other Balkan countries and Turkey.

    Romania’s railway network is one of the largest (the 4th in Europe) and most dense in Europe, with trains servicing every town and city in the country, and the many villages. The easiest, most comfortable and most rewarding way of travelling in Romania between cities is by train. Usually a train station can be found no further than 10km from a village.


    Train {JPEG}

    The railroad network of Serbia connects large cities to small towns across the country. Besides travelling within the country itself, the railroad lines of Serbia have international trains travelling to and from neighbouring countries.

    The overall length of railway system in Montenegro is 249 km. The main railway destinations are Bar - Podgorica (the capital) - Belgrade (Beograd), Podgorica - Nikšić and Podgorica - Skadar (Albania).

    While easily accessible from all points abroad, and boasting all the amenities of the Western world, Macedonia remains one of Europe’s last great undiscovered countries: a natural paradise of mountains, lakes and rivers, where life moves to a different rhythm, amidst the sprawling grandeur of rich historical ruins and idyllic villages that have remained practically unchanged for centuries.

    Check your Midnight Express stereotypes at the door - this is a rapidly modernising country with one foot in Europe and one in the Middle East. It’s not all oriental splendour, mystery, intrigue and whirling dervishes but it is a spicy maelstrom of history knocking up against a pacy present.

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