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Special discounted pass for people under 26 years of age.


Want to engage in La Dolce Vita?

-France Rail Pass

This is a nation to see in its entirety.

-France Italy Pass

Waiting for someone to take you to Paris? Want to experience a gondola ride?

-Eurail Select Pass

Any 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries out of 22 European countries that are connected by train or ship.


Travel to Croatia is becoming more and more popular.

-Balkan Flexipass

Let us introduce you on 7 wonderful countries..


Looking to travel to a land that has something for everyone? Look no further! Come to Denmark, and experience a vacation like no other.

-Eurail Global Pass

Want to see it all? The Eurail Global Pass is the mother of all passes.

-Austria Hungary Pass

Offers unlimited train travel within 2 months throughout Austria and Hungary in first class.

-Czech Republic

Prepare to be in “spired.”

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